Tribelife Immersive Warehouse Experience 3rd DEC 2021

Full Line UP TBA Tribelife, a mind-blowing immersive warehouse experience. Join TIMANTI and the Tribe for an all night wonderland of music, performance art and high vibrations multi-sensory experience, feeding the soul through radical participation, connection and discovery. Installations and projection mapping will transport participants into otherworldly dimensions. Curated with an open heart, experimental ear and ambitious vision, a musical playground that will inspire, excite and enrich with its kaleidoscope of experiences. Tribelife is filled with unique and mesmerising characters and exciting curve balls. A safe space for all, LGBTQI+ friendly and non-exclusive we open our arms to all the colours of love in total unity for humankind.

ADVANCE TICKETS ONLY! [No Tickets Will be available on the door]