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TRIBELIFE is a nurturing community that encourages participation, collaboration and new ideas. Experimenting with ethical practices and exploring new alternative worlds that will assist in awakening your life’s purpose and inspire creativity.

This is an experimental, collaborative project for the Inspired Dreams.

Originally birthed as TIMANTI and the Tribe in 2015, Producer and DJ TIMANTI renamed the project TRIBELIFE in 2017 as a direct reflection of the core collective team.  Each member a specialist in their field, the creative unit consists of Visual Artists, Dancers, Performers and DJs. Hand picked by TIMANTI all DJs bring something authentic and unique to the table. Tribelife seeks to find the off the radar artists that are pushing the underground forward.  All DJs selected have an emotional impact on the dancefloor and take the crowd on a journey of self-discovery.

Tribelife is filled with unique and mesmerising characters.  A safe space for all LGBTQI+, non-exclusive, we open our arms to all the colours of love in total unity for humankind. Tribelife prioritises working with all people from underrepresented groups and actively works towards bridging gender equality in the arts.

Over the years the community has evolved organically to provide support and nurturing to passionate artists and patrons.  Naturally, this has morphed into new territories including a full in-house production unit and creative platform.
Awaken your senses; dive deeper into your consciousness; co-create unique memories with freethinking global explorers. 
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